Achieving Glorious Triumphs at MAPSI Kalijambe 2023 – The students of SDII Al Abidin Sragen continue to soar to greater heights with their exceptional achievements. In our latest competition, we take immense pride in sharing the remarkable accomplishments of our outstanding young talents.

Achieving Glorious Triumphs at MAPSI Kalijambe 2023
Achieving Glorious Triumphs at MAPSI Kalijambe 2023

Champion 1 Hifdzil Quran (Boys): Zaydan Ahza

Once again, our school shines as Zaydan Ahza, a true standout, secures the Champion 1 position in the Hifdzil Quran category for boys. His dedication to understanding, memorizing, and embodying the teachings of the Quran is truly commendable. Zaydan Ahza’s victory is a testament to his unwavering commitment and passion for Islamic knowledge.

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Runner-up 2 Wudhu & Sholat (Boys): Fahmi

Fahmi, a name synonymous with dedication, has achieved the Runner-up 2 position in the Wudhu & Sholat category for boys. His mastery in perfecting the ablution and prayer rituals reflects his devotion and keen understanding of Islamic practices. Fahmi’s success underlines the significance of fostering a strong connection with spiritual values.

Third Place PAI & BTQ Competition (Boys): Ammar

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Ammar’s achievement as the third-place winner in the PAI & BTQ competition for boys showcases his exceptional commitment to Islamic studies. His knowledge and proficiency in religious teachings shine brightly, earning him well-deserved recognition. Ammar’s accomplishment inspires his peers to embrace a holistic approach to learning and practicing Islam.

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Achieving Glorious Triumphs at MAPSI
Achieving Glorious Triumphs at MAPSI

These achievements are a source of immense pride for SDII Al Abidin Sragen. They stand as a testament to our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel not only in academics but also in upholding their faith. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Zaydan Ahza, Fahmi, and Ammar, who have proven that dedication and passion lead to remarkable success.

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We are deeply grateful to the teachers and parents who have guided and supported these students in their journey toward excellence. Together, we continue to inspire and empower the next generation to embrace knowledge, values, and achievements that shine bright in the world.